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Who here loves to cook? I sure as hell do! But not naked. For those who seek a different kind of gaming experience, let me give you the run down of such a game that might make ya hungry for more!

I first heard about this game a long while ago from the E3 in 2006, which there were a slew of other DS games that could have gotten my attention. However, this game had my eyes locked on it. The simplicity and fun from just cooking on your DS was, well fun! So I bought it today because I was going through my mind of what DS game would be fun for a long flight, and Cooking Mama popped in my head! The game has a anime look, but don’t let that fool you of its game play. Oh no, you’ll need some serious cooking skills to get a gold medal. The instructions on how to cook is pretty simple, but it’s a good thing that the game will allow you to practice before you start the real deal.

There are 76 different kinds of meals to create, from Egg Rolls to Instant Ramen! Also, you can combine recipes to make more meals, though it would be a bit more difficult. With just playing the basic cooking option, you go through these tasks that seem too minimal but require much of your attention. Such as peeling a potato, straining the pasta, kneading the meat, and much more. It takes a lot of practice to actually get a gold medal for some of the meals, so be patient with it. Keep in mind that you can always go back to any meal that you didn’t get a gold medal in and try to do so.

You can trade recipes with four other players and obtain theirs also. It’s an interesting touch for a simple game, but nothing more in depth than that. Another nice touch is the fact that you can blow into the DS mic to “cool down” the food when needed. Ah yes, the music. it’s a bit… childish, but serves its purpose being a part of a “child-like” game. It’s too bad you can hear Mama scold you when you FAIL. Other than that, it’s not the type of game that you can really go in depth about. Sorry folks, but this game has gotten my seal of approval. Damn fine game for those who love to cook or want to.

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