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The happiest cooking game is coming back to the 3DS, yet again, with Cooking Mama 5: Bon App?tit!. The Cooking Mama series already made a solid sales record of 13 million copies from all the countries that it was made available for purchase, according to a statement from the publisher Majesco. Cooking Mama 5 will be the second official title for the 3DS. It is the direct sequel to the previous 3DS title, Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic.

Cooking Mama 5 will feature over 60 recipes for players to try, which includes simple dishes to fine delicacies like, Hawaiian Pancakes, Gingerbread Cookies, and other exotic foods from all over the world.

The game will also feature other things to do aside from cooking, players of Cooking Mama 5 will be also get the chance to play a variety of side missions. Players can also engage into pet-feeding activities and even food delivery.

One great thing about?Cooking Mama 5 is, players only need to download the game in a single cart to play multiplayer with up to four competing chefs. This means, you don?t need to purchase the game again if you just want to play multiplayer. Then again, if you want the whole package of what Cooking Mama 5 has to offer, you can pre-order it now from the following online stores:

GameStop: $29.99

Amazon: $29.99

Best Buy: $29.99

They will officially release the game outside Japan this coming September 28.

The original Cooking Mama game was released back in March 23, 2006 in Japan and September 12 2006 in North America. It got ?Best of E3 2006? award from IGN. From there, it had a port to the iOS and even had a spinoff called Gardening Mama because of its popularity. Wii versions of the game were also released, which were Cooking Mama: Cook Off and Cooking Mama: World Kitchen.

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