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Cook your steak perfectly and prepare the best dinner you can have with the help of this high-tech kitchen tool

Control everything else like a pro using your smartphone

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Nothing’s ever wrong with conventional cooking. Whether roasting over charcoal or tossing your pans over the flame, it’s all up to you. But let us share with you this innovative way to cook your dishes to perfection. This method will not only make your meals taste better but will also make you cook efficiently.

Are you excited to know what it is? Meet Saki’s Wifi Sous Vide, your new kitchen buddy!

What makes Saki a great sous vide?

Using the Saki’s Wifi Sous Vide in your cooking makes every dish exceptional compared to the same dishes cooked without this tool. This product helps you cook without risking your food being over or undercooked. It also ensures that you get the appropriate nutrients from your food by cooking them at the best temperature.

How do I use sous vide?

This cooking aid comes with a thick rod-like thing that does all the wonders once submerged in the water. Mount it to your pot filled with water and set the temperature. Place your raw food in a sealable bag and drop it in the cooking pot. The sous vide will then take control of the water’s temperature and cook your food accordingly.

In what kind of food does this tool work best?

  • Steaks
  • Fish meat
  • Eggs with satisfyingly consistent textures

Do I have to crisp the food right after pulling it out of the bag?
To sear your salmon after sous vide cooking is up to you. However, it’s best to serve the food directly from the bag. This trick will help preserve the nutrients from any food you cook.

Is this kitchen tool hard to use?

No! In fact, by downloading the Saki Sous Vide application, you can monitor and take control of the entire cooking process through your smartphone. From there, you can set the time and temperature without having to check on your pot every time.


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