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Conviction Canceled? Why ABC Decided to Pull the Plug?

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Conviction Is Getting Cancelled
Conviction Is Getting Cancelled

While everyone was busy focusing on the presidential race, ABC had been plotting to remove one of its most recent shows, Conviction. And apparently, they?ve finally decided to pull the plug. But is the decision final? Well we have all details in store for you.


Conviction premiered just last October 3 with the lead star, Hayley Atwell. The series was set to have 13 episodes in total.

The news of it?s cancellation may give an impression that the story?s going to get cut short. But this isn?t the case. It appears ABC?s planning to pull the plug on all possible expansions, including any future seasons but they?re letting the show finish until 13 episodes.

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So yes, it will stay on air. So expect to keep seeing it every Monday night at 10 for now.

News of the show?s demise may have been sudden but it didn?t come as a big surprise for many people. The show has had some pretty bad reviews from critics and it?s regular audience is pretty lackluster. Rotten Tomatoes has given the show a 19% rating.

Although Hayley is good lead and actor in general, her talent on the show is just not enough to bring the show up. The general plot is just too worn out for most people.

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News of Conviction?s demise may have been accepted as final, but this may not actually be the case. ABC has still to make an official statement on the matter.

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According to Variety, the initial 13 episodes will air and that the back nine has yet to be ordered, this indicates the show?s cancellation. A different source offers some hope for the show. As it is reported that there is still no official decision for the show?s cancellation.

Well, with Conviction?s official cancellation still pending, one thing is for certain, if the show doesn?t start raking in more views then it’s only a matter of time before it gets axed.

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