Convicted Boston Marathon Bomber Unrepentant

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File photo of convicted bomber Dhokzhar Tsarnaev

A year has passed since two bombs hidden inside pressure cookers were set off injuring hundreds and killing three people during the annual Boston Marathon. Now at the sentencing phase of the trial, jurors were shown pictures that depict surviving perpetrator Dzhokhar Tsaranev giving the finger to those who see it. These images would form a decision upon the jury on whether or not the death penalty would be imposed in this case.

The Sentencing Hearing

In stirring account from, the prosecution depicted the victims as who they are, real people whose bodies were mangled and injured when two bombs the Tsarnaev brothers detonated in the busy street corner. ?During the proceedings, images of the victims with their families during happy times were shown, with US Attorney Nadine Pellegrini saying, ?Dzhokhar Tsarnaev murdered each one of them in a way that they had time to feel pain, they had time to be scared and frightened, but they had no time to say good-bye.?

She added, ?And that is the very essence of terror.?

Pellegrini depicted Tsarnaev as an ?unrepentant killer? and thus should be meted out the harshest penalty for the 30 crimes he was convicted of.

During the proceedings, in a report from, Tsarnaev was expression less and did not appear to ever look at the victims.

The Defense Maintains

For the defense, it maintained that the slain elder Tamerlan Tsarnaev had masterminded the whole attack. They depicted the younger Tsarnaev as a victim who fell under the influence of his older brother to carry out the boming attack.

In order to carry out the death penalty, Yahoo News reports that all 12 members of the jury must be unanimous in its decision. Any other decision would result in Dhozkhar being incarcerated for life without the possibility of parole.

Pellegrini and her team argued that the younger Tsarnaev was a full partner in the crimes committed, and thus should be meted out the ultimate penalty. She said, ?His destiny was determined by him, and he was destined and determined to be America?s worst nightmare.?

The killings were described as ?unberarable, indescribable, inexcusable and senseless.?

Other Thoughts Weigh In

While the prosecution sought the death penalty, some protestors demonstrated against the death penalty. They include the parents of the youngest victim, eight year old Martin Richard who died in the blast, who through a front page letter urged to take the death penalty as the punishment.

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