Converse Chuck II Is 100 Years In The Making

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Converse has now redesigned its shoes after nearly a century with Chuck II, introducing features akin to Nike that will make your feet more comfortable. This is good news to people who have long found wearing Chuck shoes for numerous hours to be uncomfortable.

According to Converse, these are the new features of the Chuck II:

  • Super Soft Micro- Suede Lining
  • Padded Non Slip Tongue to provide comfort around the ankle and instep
  • Premium Canvas
  • Lunarlon Sockliner to serve as a cushion and arch support

The newly designed shoes will be available this July 28. The new chucks comes in white, black, red, and blue and will cost $70 for the low-top and $75 for the high-top.? The original Chucks is still available for $60.

The Hi-Top Chucks II is available in Red, Blue, Red, and White.

The Hi-Top Chucks II is available in Red, Blue, Red, and White.

Converse Chuck II More For Comfort

If you?re worried that the shoes will no longer look the same, you need not worry as they are only adding the comfy-features inside the shoes and retaining the original Chuck-design appearance on the outside, Today reported.

?We wanted to stay true to the original design while also offering features that our consumers told us they wanted,? Vice President and Manager of Converse All Star Richard Cocutt said.

Over 15,000 generally positive Tweets about Converse was sent in the last 24 hours, Digiday reported.

According to Fast Co. Design, the Chuck redesign wasn?t meant as a way for Converse to rise from bankruptcy as they have long been stable since Nike acquired the company in 2003. Their All Star collection, where Converse gains the majority of their revenue, reaped $1.7 billion in revenue in 2014.

?We wanted to entertain the notion that maybe we don?t know our customers as well as we think we do, Converse brand VP Geoff Cottril said. ?That maybe they want more.?

Cottril hinted that new iterations of the Chucks may come in the future. ??People keep telling us they don?t like to wear their Chucks when it rains.?


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