?Constantine? Season 2 On CW: ?The Vampire Diaries? To Be Replaced By 2016 Reboot?

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Matt Ryan plays Constantine

?Constantine? season 2 might finally air on The CW. According to reports, the 2016 reboot of the axed NBC show might replace ?The Vampire Diaries?.

The Ian Somerhalder starrer is down to its final run on the network. With its eighth season ending, network execs are reportedly after two things: they do not want to leave the TVD time slot empty, and they want to keep Fridays as the CW?s ?horror night.?

Because of these, TV fanatics could expect ?Constantine? season 2 to lead CW?s lineup of horror shows every Friday, which includes ?Supernatural?. ?iZombie? is also among the shows rumored to take the place of ?The Vampire Diaries,? said Movie News Guide.

Prior to news about ?Constantine?s? 2016 reboot, season two of the supernatural TV drama was supposed to air on NBC last Fall 2015. However, the network ended up dropping the show because of alleged low ratings from its first season.

The cancellation shocked fans of Constantine since 2014, who took their disappointments to social media. Probably seeing that the show had a cult following, CW Network reportedly picked up the series.

However, there were different reports about how Constantine season two will play out on CW. Fans inevitably prefer that the demon-fighting hero would have its own show. However, some are also considering the possibility that Matt Ryan?s titular character might just have a regular role in another CW series, ?Arrow?.

This option was raised after the actor received food reviews for his recent cameo in ?Arrow?. Showrunners Wendy Mericle and Marc Guggenheim have also raved about having Constantine as part of the said CW hit.


Constantine in “Arrow”

Hardcore fans are also wondering if the revived series? plot would change now that it is no longer with NBC. Some hope that the story will be kept original when it airs on CW.

Nonetheless, people expect Constantine?s return to be a hit. This is primarily due to the success of other similar TV projects, such as ?The Flash? and ?Legends Of Tomorrow?.

Do you think that CW can breathe new life into ?Constantine? season 2? There are still no final, official reports, but do you think it can fill the shoes of a show as successful as ?The Vampire Diaries?? Let us know by commenting below!

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