?Constantine? Season 2 Air Date & Plot: Will The Show?s Move To CW Change The Story?

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Matt Ryan plays Constantine

Rumors about ?Constantine? season 2 air date and plot have been circulating the net. Since it was axed by NBC after just one season, some wonder if the show?s rumored move to CW Network will give its storyline a much-needed boost.

There were previous reports that ?Constantine? season 2 air date was supposed to take place last Fall 2015. However, NBC ended up cancelling and dropping the show due to poor ratings of its first season. The low viewership came as a surprise to die-hard fans who have been following the supernatural TV drama since 2014.

NBC?s cancellation of ?Constantine? was inevitably not well-received. Probably seeing how loyal fans still wanted the show to return, CW Network is now rumored to have picked up the series and is at the helm of producing ?Constantine? season two.

There is still no confirmation about how the comeback will play out and what ?Constantine? season 2 plot will be. Some hope that the show?s return would be an outright second installment of the previous ?Constantine? TV series. However, many are also eyeing the possibility that Matt Ryan?s titular character might just have a regular role in another show, ?Arrow,? instead of having its own TV series.



This possibility was raised after the actor?s recent cameo in ?Arrow? received good reviews. Showrunners Wendy Mericle and Marc Guggenheim have also raved about having Constantine as part of the show.

Still, fans prefer that the demon-fighting warrior would have his own full-fledged television series. Some believe that the show?s comeback would be a hit due to the success of other similar TV projects, such as ?Arrow,? ?The Flash,? and ?Legends Of Tomorrow.? The fact that ?Constantine? season two will reportedly air in a new home could mean that the show could redeem itself from the low ratings of its first season.

Do you think that John Constantine?s return will just be infused in ?Arrow?? Or will ?Constantine? season two be given its own TV show by CW? Let us know in your comments below!


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