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This is sure to bring some flames, but two articles released today provide a glimpse at competitive decisions that are being made by each console and their respective developers (check after the break for my thoughts):

Although the Wii engine looks like it is being developed by a third party, developers on that front recognize that having next-gen graphics like the PS3/360 is not an issue that should be ignored. Even, Epic announced that they would never develop for this platform because they only want to develop cutting edge titles.

The second news item is of interest and will probably bring all the fanboys out of the woodwork, but in spite of the fact that many hail Sony as the winner of the hi-def wars, many feel that the real war now is whether consumers will want to use discs at all. The Xbox Live Marketplace was one of the first places to offer downloadable content and although many consumers were annoyed by overnight download times, it is slowly becoming as natural as downloading MP3s due to faster Internet download speeds. Apple (i.e. iTunes and Apple TV), Amazon and NetFlix followed suit and Hulu is a huge budget effort that recognizes the importance of moving in this direction. Even Best Buy is featuring Vudu at the entrance of many of their retail locations. It was inevitable that Sony would follow suit. In fact, I imagine many Sony fans have been waiting for the PlayStation store to incorporate this element. Well . . . it’s official now and Blu Ray many not ever become the next-gen format that DVD was after VHS.

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