Consoles Are All the Rage in Google Zeitgeist 2007

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Google has put together some charts showing the popularity of several subjects based on number of queries. There is a special section called “All the Rage” which features the battle between the consoles. Although the year started off with more Xbox queries than Wii, Nintendo’s console spiked exponentially during the fourth quarter this year with Google noting that “shoppers desperately seek the Wii.” Not news to anyone here, right? I have to ask. How many of our readers play the Wii when guests are not over at the house? PS3 search queries were low and in third place throughout the year.

There are also comparisons between Blu-Ray VS HD-DVD as well as LCD VS Plasma. HD-DVD and LCD take the lead, especially as the holiday shopping season continues. This data is extremely relevant considering many of the posts that we have been posting here at The Bit Bag in the last few days.

Check out the stats here.

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