Console Quality iOS Games That Make Smartphones a Better Gaming Platform than Most Handhelds

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console quality ios games

Real Racing 3

iPhone and iPad devices have been getting stronger and stronger as the years pass by and the quality of games they have been delivering have been becoming ?better. Console and dedicated handheld gamers might find these impossible, but mobile platforms have been taking gaming more seriously. This can be good news for hardcore gamers who haven?t explored the world of mobile gaming yet. These are console quality iOS games at best.

They get a faster processor, more RAM, better screen and accessibility to dedicated gaming peripherals. What?s great about it is that it has a HUGE community base and online gaming is far more enjoyable than that of usual handhelds. iOS and Android are now able to produce console quality AAA games and here are a few games that proves this.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

This game has been released over a year ago, but the multiplayer community is still alive and kicking. Thanks to its killer gameplay and graphics that can rival even Xbox360/PS3?s graphics a bit. It is made by gameloft, a company known for making ?homage? games based on popular titles and this one, obviously, is based-off Activision?s Call of Duty series.

The gameplay is pretty easy to pick up and the controls are well placed. You can also customize the control layout of your choice. All these niceties are good additions to the game, but what makes it stand out is the graphics. It can display a large number of moving characters and effects on the screen all at the same time. Even the draw distance is superb. All of these are in HD graphics and the character/structure models are very realistic for a mobile game. If you haven?t tried it yet, you should as it is one of the finest gaming gems in iOS/Android platform.


Real Racing 3

Another gameloft game. This game is the grand daddy of all racing games on iOS/Android at the moment. The gameplay is quite simple: Do racing, win credit to buy newer and better cars, race on harder tracks. Rinse and Repeat.

Although it might lack variety (a large number of racing games, even in consoles have this), you can?t help but keep on playing just to look at how gorgeous the graphics is. The cars are well designed and almost perfectly faithful to the original model?s looks.

This game simply shows the sheer power of today?s mobile devices. It even looks a bit better than Need For Speed: Most Wanted on PS Vita.


To wrap this short list, here is Republique. A TRUE Triple A Adventure game on iOS. This might the best yet from this small list. It was just recently released before 2013 ended.

It is a stealth-action game that puts the player in the role of someone who would help Hope, a mysterious woman who was locked up in a oppressive totalitarian state. The player?s role is to hack certain things like computers, screens and devices to aid Hope?s escape.

The production value of the game was quite high and there are a number of popular gaming personas who worked on it as well like David Hayter (?Snake? from the game ?Metal Gear? series).

The gameplay is really unique, the sounds and music are equally superb and the graphics of the game is very nice. It even has a realistic facial animation.

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