The Conjuring 3 Looms After Phenomenal Success Of The Latest Horror Film

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With its success in the movie theaters and box office charts, it is not impossible for The Conjuring to have a third installment. This is not just a suggestion by many fans who got hooked with the horror film but an idea of no less than the director of the show himself.

Rumor has it that director James Wan is already conceptualizing for The Conjuring 3. This is despite the second installment is still airing on theaters worldwide. Wan seems to be happy for the success that The Conjuring 2 has been receiving as of the moment and he is interested of continuing the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren?s paranormal real-life experiences.

The New Line Cinema is also on the same page with Wan as it also wanted to expand even more the storyline of the show through another movie release. According to Wan, they have still a lot of ides and inputs that can be added should the third film push through.

?I do have something specific but I?m not going to say it. But? I think Conjuring 3 has got to be set in the 80s,? Wan said as mentioned in the article of Movie News Guide.

The director has already bared that he has the resources and sources that are needed to have for another installment of the movie. Rumors revealed that the production team will be using one of the Warrens? weird cases as the anchorage of the planned third show. He even said that the writers already have their own top 20 or 30 best cases of Warrens? that can be used in The Conjuring 3.

It should be noted that the real-life Warrens are trying to investigate on the paranormal activities that took place in their house.

Speculations said that the movie might be revolve around werewolves after Ed Warren released a book titled Werewolf: A True Story of Demonic Possession. However, Wan neither deny nor confirm the rumors.?Should this be true, this will give to the franchise film a variety of themes. This might be a new concept for paranormal storylines that are not yet seen by the audience over the first two shows. Although, no confirmation has been made, the third movie is a serious consideration for the production of The Conjuring.

Meanwhile, Wan is also doing another project related to The Conjuring 2. Reports revealed that the director is now on talks with Peter Safran for a collaboration for spinoff about the characters in the second movie.

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