The Conjuring 2 Dethrones Warcraft in Box Office in US Cinemas

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The Conjuring 2

Horror film The Conjuring 2 by Warner Bros has topped the local US box office, way ahead of Legendary Pictures MMROPG-adaptation Warcraft. This may come as a surprise to a lot of people and fans of the game, knowing that the latter had more social media and marketing stunts compared to that of the former.

Deadline reports that The Conjuring 2 scared off rival films for top spot in the US Box Office. ?The follow-up R-rated horror film was forecasted to gather opening ticket sales of $40.35M. The prequel The Conjuring backed by New Line Cinema back in 2013 debuted a $41.9M ticket sales, which was 4% higher. Still, The Conjuring 2 tops the other films in terms of sequels like that of Captain America: Civil War and Batman Vs Superman, where they had a huge drop compared to the first films.

Another note for the horror film genre is that The Conjuring 2 comes in third for the best debut, coming in after its prequel and Friday the 13th at $40.6M. ?Questions as to how Warner Bros somehow captured the market arose. It was said that they used The Conjuring 2?s ?ghostbusting protags the Warrens as a modern-day Mulder and Scully.? ?The method was thought to be risky by its rival executives but it seems to have done well for Warner Bros.

Box Office Mojo says that Conjuring 2 may have taken the number one spot domestically but takes note of Warcraft performing rather well internationally at $285M. Warcraft captured quite a huge chunk in the China market while those from the North American side. The Conjuring 2 is directed by James Wan, who has been noted as director for movies like Fast and Furious 7, The Conjuring and Insidious. He will start working for Warner Bros on another film, Aquaman. Warcraft was able to reach the RMB I gauge with at least 114 hours.

Spinoff acknowledged The Conjuring 2 received a 27% rating in Rotten Tomatoes. Confirming the significant $145M for a 4 day boost in China and now totaling $261M in the international scale. The film had a $160M budget.

Regardless of all the figures locally and internationally, the world market has now been shown what the horror film niche can do and what viewers really want to watch. This is apparent in with The Conjuring 2 heading the lists in the US box office.

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