Conjuring 2 Spinoff Details: The Nun Is Scarier Than A Horned Demon

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The Conjuring 2 just hit theaters in the U.S. last week and there is already talk about a spinoff called ?The Nun? which will focus on the demonic character who is the antagonist for the second installment of the franchise.

According to KomoNews, the nun is actually a last-minute addition to the movie as Director James Wan decided to change the original antagonist, which was the horned demon, just three months before the film debut. Re-shoots were done in March as well as additional digital alterations for continuity.

The Nun will be the second spinoff from the horror franchise. The first one was Annabelle in 2014, which centered on the demonic doll from the first movie. It was also a hit worldwide and earned over $256 million on just a $6.5 million budget. A sequel can be expected in 2017.

The antagonist in the second Conjuring film, the nun, appears to be even scarier than the horned demon and will terrorize real-life paranormal investigators and married couple, Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga), The Guardian writes.

Conjuring 2 made box office history as they had the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film around the world earning over $100 million in just five days of release, KomoNews notes. The film also debuted at No. 1 with $40.4 million on the North American box office.

Teaming up again for The Nun are director James Wan, screenwriter David Leslie Johnsn, who co-wrote the second Conjuring film, and producer Peter Safran.

Meanwhile, Farmiga talked to Telegraph about the recently released horror sequel and the whole essence of post-production especially for these kind of films. ?There?s a whole process that happens after we wrap,? she explains. ?That?s really where [James] makes his mark as a filmmaker. It?s to do with tempo, orchestration, sound mixing, editing. There?s a rumble that he includes ? oh God, I don?t even know how to describe it. It?s a full-bore rumble, a frequency, a growl that he inserts in these moments. You feel it in your seat. It moves your bowels!?

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