The Conjuring 2 Perceived As Well Done Vs Captain America Civil War? Here?s Why

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Making its presence sound and clear, the recently released horror movie The Conjuring 2 has made sure that the thrill it brings reaches a lot of audiences as it debuted at the box office this weekend.

According to a report of Movie News Guide, the sequel film is being speculated to earn big just a few days after it was unveiled on the big screens. This will probably be a good start for the cast and crew of the James Wan-led movie. Speculations revealed that the show is on its way of earning at least $38 million as early as now.

Should the approximated number mentioned be true, that will be The Conjuring 2?s opening weekend gross. Yes, just for their opening sales. Some may argue that it is not as big as other mainstream films do but for a horror movie, those is pretty good numbers. According to Cinema Blend, a horror or R-rated movie usually does not perform well in the box office, though there are few exceptions.

The film is being perceived as the most prominent horror-drama screenplay in today?s time. Some reports lauded the second movie of the franchise, comparing it to other sequels that flopped big time at the box office charts. It was able to at least match what the pilot film delivered in 2013.

What is more surprising is that it is being considered to have a better storyline and production value than the hit movie Captain America: Civil War which premiered just recently this year. This claim came from some of the moviegoers who watched both films.

According to them as cited in MNG?s article, it appears that The Conjuring 2 was made with more effort than Civil War. Most of the fans love how the film went back to the important details in the first installment. The production team successfully made the first one still relevant to the latest movie, much to the delight of many followers of the franchise horror film.

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