Conan Exiles Dye Recipes: All Known Ingredients So Far

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Conan Exiles Dye Recipes
Source: Conan Exiles – Update #22 Highlights video

Funcom’s Conan Exiles has implemented its Dye system which allows players to the change colors of their equipment. However, players will need to find the right ingredients to make the dye of their choice. Fans have already pooled information about the known dyes in this game.

Dye Recipes

As seen on Toani’s thread on the Conan Exiles subreddit, players have discovered nine color dyes in the new update. Red, Cyan, Green, Brown, Purple, Grey, Yellow, Orange, and Blue are the known dye colors so far. Here’s a list of the ingredients needed to craft these Dyes

  • Red – 1 Cochineal Bug (Harvest cacti to find this)
  • Cyan – 1 Glowing Goop (Found at the bottom of Oasis and Rivers, glows at night)
  • Green – 20 Plant Fiber
  • Brown – 5 Seeds
  • Purple – 1 False Mandrake (Found in groups of purple bushes near bottom of cliff faces.)
  • Grey – 1 Grey-Flower Lupine (Found along cliffsides that needs intense positioning or building footholds to harvest them)
  • Yellow – 5 Brimstone
  • Orange – 1 Orange Phykos (Found as orange corals at the bottom of a river)
  • Blue – 1 True Indigo (Found on plants with autumn brown leaves and blue berries on areas with vegetation )

Light and Dark Coloration

More than just plain dyes, players can also use light and dark coloration items to further customize its effect on your equipment. Light colorants will need 5 Bones and Dark colorants will need 3 Tar to make. These colorants will be mixed with the finished dye in the fire bowl cauldron to make use its effect.

How To Craft Dyes

Crafting dyes won’t be as easy as combining two items in your inventory as it’ll need you to craft some tools to make it happen. Players will need to have some blacksmith proficiency and a fire bowl cauldron. Players will need to make a Glass Flask mold to be able to mass produce flasks for later. Crystals will be needed to make glass which are needed to craft the flasks.

Lastly, players will need to fill the completed flask with water using water-skins. Completing a flask filled with water will now allow the player to cook up dyes with the right ingredients.

Dye System

The Conan Exiles dye system was implemented last March 23 as part of Update 22. This system allows players to recolor their equipment and other items for further customization. Moreover, this allows players to have a uniform equipment color if they choose to group their characters up and fight other people as a clan. Stay updated with more Conan Exiles news and guides here on TheBitBag.

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