Common Galaxy Note 4 Problems or Issues and How To Fix Them

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Usual problems users encounter with the Galaxy Note 4 along with suggested workarounds. (Image courtesy of Samsung)

Most of us spend a huge amount of time with our smartphones on a daily basis. Whether we use them for business or pleasure, they definitely make our lives more convenient and dynamic. But what will we do if they behave erratically and suddenly make everything more complicated?

Well, we?re here to help you sort through that stuff. But for today, the help extends to users of the esteemed Galaxy Note 4 phablet from Samsung. (If you own another device, please don?t hate us. Check out our other tutorials.) This model certainly packs some of the company?s latest and greatest specs but it?s still not exempt from flaws. Here are some of the most common problems that users are bothered with when using their Note 4 as well as suggestions on how to address them.

Galaxy Note 4 problem: Bluetooth issues

This is quite a common issue in many smartphone models but some users are particularly complaining that they are having difficulties in connecting the Note 4 with Bluetooth accessories and Bluetooth-enabled car systems.

Possible fix:

  • Folks from Android Authority recommends that you review the car?s manual. There should be a specific instruction there on how to reset the car?s Bluetooth system. Once the car?s Bluetooth has been reset and the connection has been forgotten on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, try reconnecting to see if it works.
  • You should also do the same on your phone and head to Settings > Bluetooth > and remove all prior pairings and try to set them up again from scratch.
  • An application like Bluetooth Auto Connect may help, too.

Galaxy Note 4 problem: Random reboots

It?s annoying when your phone restarts or reboot without you triggering it. Unfortunately, Note 4 owners are not exempt from this issue. A number of users are reporting that their devices reboots every now and then.

Possible fix:

  • The first thing to check is the micro SD card. In order to rule out if that?s the culprit, remove the card from your handset and see if the random reboots still occur. If the reboots have stopped then you should backup the data from the micro SD card on your PC and reformat it on the Note 4. Do it by navigating to Settings > Storage > Format SD card.
  • Android Origins suggest that you should try to factory reset the device but make sure you have all your data backed up. You can try performing a factory reset to see if the problem is eliminated. To perform a factory reset, go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset.
  • If the problem persists, you should contact your carrier, retailer, or Samsung and ask for a replacement if that?s still possible.

Galaxy Note 4 problem: Battery drain

The Note 4 is blessed with a powerful 3,220 mAh battery but that hasn?t stopped users from reporting issues with their handset?s battery life. This doesn?t come as a surprise given that all smartphones pretty much present some battery life challenges to their owners. However, GottaBeMobile noticed that third-party applications have been, most of the time, the source for battery problems on Galaxy phones and tablets.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Possible fix:

  • Techies from Digital Trends advise users to restart their Note 4 periodically.
  • You can also head to Settings > Battery and monitor the usage. See if you can recognize a problem app or service. If you found one, you should uninstall it or disable it.
  • The free Greenify app is also helpful in identifying and dealing with battery-hungry apps.
  • You may even resort to factory resetting your device and just reinstall apps selectively.

Galaxy Note 4 problem: Dead pixels

Some Note 4 users have also noticed dead pixels littering their phone?s beautiful display. This is a fairly common problem among smartphone screens and can be just a software issue or a result of a hardware malfunction.

Possible fix:

  • To find out if you?ve got dead pixels on your Note 4 screen, you can download an app called Dead Pixel Detect and Fix ?from the Google Play Store. It can also fix them provided they are just stuck pixels.
  • If the problem is hardware-related and you incidentally have a skilled hand, you may try fix and replace the LCD screen and digitizer yourself. You can find a replacement kit here.
  • If none of those workarounds addresses the issue, you may want to return the phone to the retailer, carrier or Samsung and ask for a replacement.


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