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Commercial Drone Industry Proves That It Can Beat All Odds

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Commercial Drone Industry Proves That It Can Beat All Odds

Vancouver, Canada ? There is an on-going debate regarding the ethical use of drones, but the commercial drone industry proved that it can actually pull off an increase in sales despite this.

There is a fantastic documentation about the drones that are used for military practices. It has become a very efficient tool for countries who would like to visually know more about their enemies. Also, people do not feel safe whenever there are military drones nearby as they feel that their privacy is somehow violated.

Despite all these problems, the commercial drone industry in Canada showed no sign of weakness. There is still a continuing effort to improve the products and services related to it.

Canada Is Currently the Best in the World

When it comes to this industry, there is no doubt that Canada has ousted other countries. The rest of the world relies heavily on the technology that they put in their drone products. There are no exceptions in the places that excel in this craft. From Alberta to Ontario, people can expect the best of the best of the commercial drone industry.

Also, everyone could expect that the boom will even get better. Canadians are expecting the products to reach the mainstream market already. This means that they are harvesting their years of investments in the market. Gives It a Good Push

In December of 2013,, an online marketing giant, decided to invest on the commercial drone industry. Being one of the largest retail stores in the world, this will give a huge tilt in the sales of the drones. The American counterpart of Canada?s drone industry will receive so much, even when Amazon only deals with one company for the contract.

However, the website cannot sell using drones or unmanned aircrafts until 2015. Announcing their new service two years early is a bit premature. The government is still fixing the rules regarding the use of commercial drones.

As of today, they are only allowed to fly if they are based on military purposes. They say that the widespread use of drones in the United States will not happen at once. It will take at least 5-10 years. Canada, on the one hand, also has special rules regarding the use of these products, but they are a bit friendlier to the market.

Does the commercial drone industry deserve its technological advancement? Should drones be regulated or not?

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