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Command & Conquer Multiplayer Saved; Community Launches Online Server After GameSpy Server Shutdown

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The future for the classic series Command & Conquer looked uncertain following GameSpy?s multiplayer server shutdown last May 31. GameSpy is a hosting service that offers multiplayer functions to games. It hosts hundred of online servers to multiple game titles across many gaming platforms such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC. A lot of EA titles also used to be hosted by GameSpy.

But it turns that there?s been some good news for Command & Conquer fans. It looks like the game has found its savior: the community. That?s right, who?s better to save a dying game but the community itself? The C&C community has just put up its own online server managing five of its popular titles: Command & Conquer: Generals, Command & Conquer: Zero Hour, Command & Conquer 3, Command & Conquer: Kane?s Wrath, and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

The server is called C&C Online and players can still login like they used to in the GameSpy servers. It will be free-of-charge for the community but you need to register over at Revora and download/install their own C&C Online launcher to be able to login and play.

Currently, the following features are available in the server:

-????????? Hosting, joining and playing games

-????????? Chat system

-????????? Buddy system

After its initial release, the development team will continue working on the following:

-????????? Statistics

-????????? Rankings

-????????? Automatch systems

They said that they are also verifying users that want to keep their old nicknames in the GameSpy servers.

You can watch this guide to learn how to connect to the community-hosted C&C online servers:

Command & Conquer is a ?modern war?-themed real-time strategy series that started in 1995. Since then, its developers have released more than a dozen titles and expansions. The last announced installment of the game, simply named Command & Conquer, was cancelled by its publisher, Electronic Arts, October of last year, due to some development issues.

Image Source: C&C Online

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