#ComicCon2014: Popular ‘Mako’ Vehicle Coming To Mass Effect 4

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Popular all-terrain vehicle “Mako” coming to BioWare’s Mass Effect 4

Popular all-terrain vehicle “Mako” coming to BioWare’s Mass Effect 4

Developer BioWare has just announced during the San Diego Comic Con 2014 that their upcoming Mass Effect 4 title will be treated with the fan-favorite Mako vehicle from the original Mass Effect game.

At the conference, BioWare took to the stage and revealed a few details about their vision for their well-received Mass Effect franchise. In a panel called ?Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect,? the dev disclosed that the franchise? next sequel will be set during the same time period as the first title. A stark difference in this Mass Effect 4 world is the absence of Commander Shepard, the human protagonist in the first three installments.

The other newsworthy reveal is the arrival of Mako, the popular all-terrain vehicle from the first release. While the game is still in development at BioWare?s game studios in Montreal and Edmonton, the Mass Effect 4 panel at the SDCC 2014 still managed to briefly flash an image of the said vehicle. They also cited that it will now be more agile and will no longer sport a cannon.

Despite its popularity, the Mako vehicle had been a source of argument among Mass Effect fans mainly due to its weird hardware and appearance. But BioWare producer Mike Gamble addressed this issue at the panel and said, “We’re playing around with a bunch of different physics for the Mako. The thing that we have to do is make sure it is as responsive as possible. We’ve learned a thing or two over the years.” Mako also apparently supports player customizations; in this area, Gamble added, “If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in vehicles in places, they should reflect you as a player.”

For Mass Effect fans, Mako?s reappearance will definitely put a considerable dent in the world of Mass Effect 4. BioWare initially revealed a few details about the next Mass Effect last month, but an exact release date is still out of reach.

Meanwhile, check out the Mass Effect 4 trailer shown during last month?s E3 2014:


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