#ComicCon2014 Highlights: Sword Art Online II Action Figures

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Great news for all Sword Art Online (SAO) fans! You can now get some cool toys and otaku collectibles of your favorite Sword Art Online Characters.

San Diego Comic-Con?s bestselling collectibles include Kirito, Asuna, and Sword Art Online II?s Sinon. You can check some of the pictures featured in San Diego Comic-Con.




Here in this picture, Kirito (real world name, Kazuto Kirigaya) wields his twin blade. ?Check out the details on this one. High quality item right here. ?Kazuto Kirigaya is just your ordinary gamer. Set up in a Virtual Reality game, he embarked on a journey which he thought was just a game, until it became a game of death.



In this picture is Asuna, the ?Flash? and the leader of the Knights of Blood. She was called the ?Flash? due to her immense speed when taking down monsters on the first arc of Sword Art Online. She was trapped in a bird cage during the time of Alfheim Online, which ended up being saved by Kirito. You can also get her in her Titania-Avatar in San Diego Comic-Con. It is so cute, I had to punch a wall to get my manliness back.



This is Sinon, Sword Art Online II’s (also known as Gun Gale Online) new protagonist. Sinon or Shino Asada in the real world is one badass sniper in the game. Kirito was hired to investigate the guy named ?Death Gun? who was responsible for several deaths within the game,?which?lead to real world deaths. Sinon will be tagging around with Kirito to solve the crimes. Check out that hair and awesome cloth details.

You can purchase all these otaku collectibles along with thousands of incredible toys in San Diego Comic-Con.

According to Oricon, Sword Art Online was the top selling light novels during 2012. It is not surprising to see Sword Art Online Booth getting swarmed by fans during San Diego Comic-Con.

Sword Art Online II (Gun Gale Online) was released earlier this July. You can now watch some of its episodes being released every Saturday.

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