#ComicCon2014: Halo: Nightfall Character Agent Locke Will be Playable in Halo 5

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Halo: Nightfall is the live action series that will serve as a prologue to the Halo franchise?s latest game, Halo 5: Guardians. Nightfall will be set on a broken fragment of a halo ring and it tells the story of Agent Jameson Locke?s origin. Agent Locke will be portrayed by actor Mike Colter.

The San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Halo: Nightfall panel had 343 Industries? Kiki Wolfkill and Frank O?Connor and they were joined by executive producer David Zucker as well as actors Christina Chong and Mike Colter. They revealed first footage from the show as well as more details about the show?s setting.

O?Connor touched upon the setting of the show by saying: ?Setting it on a halo is a pretty big statement about the scale of this project.? He went on to add: ?This is a partially functioning fragment of the halo ring and its nature and functionality play a role in the fiction. Given that it’s set on a damaged halo artifact (with a functioning slipspace drive the way that gravity and atmosphere function, the fragment become kind of a character itself ? kind of a malevolent character…”

Nightfall looks to be set in the present time of the Halo universe where there is a lull in the Covenant war. This gives viewers of the show ?a really interesting perspective on Locke,? according to O?Connor. Locke is an agent in the Office of Naval Intelligence and he will be playable in Halo 5.

O?Connor also mentioned that even if you don?t watch Nightfall, it shouldn?t affect your ability to enjoy playing Halo 5 although he does go on to say that: ?I think it will give a really compelling insight into Locke. Locke’s a little bit more complicated than just an all-American boy, though. There’s going to be some nuance to his character in both?Nightall?and?Halo 5, but you will get to go on that journey with him in the game.”

The panel also gave details about Colter and his role in both the game and the live action series. He will be playing Locke in both the live action series as well as the game. There are other surprises in store too like a new vehicle to the Halo universe called the Condor.

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