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Comic Con 2016: Star Wars Collectibles You Can Buy AT The Event

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Star Wars fans who are going to attend the San Diego Comic Con 2016 will be delighted by this new update as the Star Wars franchise officially revealed the full list of collectibles that are going to be available at the event. Here are some of those:

Chewbacca Sentry Leather LTD

Nixon is going to sell a Chewbacca watch strap at the event which will feature bandolier rivet strap details, a bowcaster and a blast fire seconds hand. Aside from those, the strap will also showcase a laser etched ?Let The Wookiee Win? casebook, and a custom LTD box with authentic ?Chewbacca Roar? sound, as noted by the website.

Star Wars Socks

According to the post, Stance is the one who will present eight special themed-socks. There are only 100 pairs that will be sold during the event and each pair will cost $20. Each pair will feature characters from the original trilogy.

Rey Backpack

Aside from themed-socks and watch straps, the event will also feature a limited edition Rey backpack. There are only 200 items that will be available and each will cost $65. The bag will also come with a collector?s pin and eye goggles.

Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi Pack

Each fan will have a chance to recreate the noble journey of the great Jedi Master once they have decided to purchase this amazing collectible. The official website of the Star Wars series revealed that it will feature an authentic, movie-accurate-detailed action figure that comes with a Jedi robe, 2 lightsabers, an electronic light-up table and a Princess Leia hologram delivering a vital message.

Star Wars Carships Trench Run


Fanatics of the franchise as well as toy cars should definitely attend the Comic Con 2016 in San Diego as Hot Wheels will release a premium set of the famous finale of Star Wars: A New Hope. The set will cost $50 each and will feature a light-and-sound show that includes sound effect and firing LED laser cannons. Also, it will showcase vehicles with full die-cast bodies, chassis and Real Riders wheels.

There you have it! Some of the best collectibles that are going to be available at the Comic Con 2016 in San Diego. To view the full list of all the Star Wars items at the event, you can visit the official website of the franchise. San Diego Comic Con will run from July 21 to 24. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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