Comic-Con 2014: Deep Silver Games Detailed

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A couple of days ago, Comic-Con 2014 revealed Tekken 7. But now, we?re going to bring you the exciting line-up for Deep Silver. The company?s highlight will be Escape Dead Island, Sacred 3 and Metro Redux.

Those who are going to attend the Comic-Con can find Deep Silver at the Whiskey Girl on 702 Ave., 24 to 25 of July, beginning at 11:00 am, or you can just visit booth 3829 which will be at the San Diego Comic-Con Exhibit Hall.



Escape Dead Island
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC
Developer: Fatshark Studios
Available: Fall 2014

This is an adventure type game that takes players back to Banoi Island and puts their skills and psyche to the test, revealing where the virus came from. With noir art style and nonstop thrills, this game is just what the doctor ordered.


Sacred 3
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC
Developer: Keen Games
ESRB: M (17+)
Available: August 5, 2014

This game is the next installment in the Sacred series, set in the War for Ancaria, and is an arcade Hack ?n? Slash kind of game that may consist of up to 4 players. Choose your heroes and fight the rise of evil together. Play character classes such as Khukuri, Ancarian, Seraphim, Safiri and the brand new character, Malakhim. While upgrading your armors and weapons, you will face brute beasts, undead wizards, legion of mercenaries and Grimmorcs.


Metro Redux
Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC
Developer: 4a Games
ESRB: M (17+)
Available: August 26, 2014

This title is the ultimate double game collection, which includes the definitive versions of Metro: Last Light and Metro 2033, each built with 4a Engine for PC and next generation consoles. And for the first time, players who use consoles will be able to experience state of the art visuals and silky smooth 60 fps gameplay that were once available on a high-end PC hardware only.

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