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Come home to a delicious, chef-crafted dinner with this meal delivery service

This meal kit will let you enjoy homecooked and flavorful meals without you having to spend too much time prepping the food

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For a working parent, preparing meals for your kids and family is a demanding task. From breakfast to dinner, a healthy and full meal requires many hours. No wonder many households here in America rely heavily on fast food deliveries where most of the meal has no nutritional value.

But why settle on takeouts when there are businesses that deliver home-cooked meals right to your doorstep? Meet What A Crock.

What A Crock is a meal kit delivery service, specializing in easy and slow-cooker-ready meals. They offer fresh, gourmet crockpot meals crafted daily by professional chefs. Yes, professionals. That’s how serious they are when they tell you their food is healthy.

This meal kit service acts as your grocery shopper, meal planner, and sous chef to makes it possible for you to spend minutes in the kitchen with delicious results. They include everything from satisfying entrées to comforting soups and desserts that you can just pop into your slow cooker or freezer.

The meals come in the form of ready-to-cook meals. It is designed for busy customers who want to enjoy homemade, fresh, and healthy food without the time-consuming hassle of cooking. They come in frozen bags, and you will only put them in their crockpots for them to cook.

What a Crock is family-owned and is operated by Justin and Brieanna West. The idea for the business came from their desire to cook healthy and homemade meals despite their busy lives. The concept comes from a family habit several years ago, when the family practiced preparing meals on Sundays to sustain them for a week, due to their hectic weekday schedules. They froze the prepared meals so they could be made quickly in a crockpot.

What Makes What A Crock Different?

An aspect worth mentioning is that you can use this service even if you are on a special diet. What A Crock can meet the demands of vegetarians, vegans, or those that prefer gluten-free food.

They offer options for a rather vast range of special diets, thus satisfying the needs of home cooks with various dietary restrictions and preferences.

Cooking three meals a day is not an easy task, especially for working parents that also have a family to look after. This task demands too much of your time and effort. But with What A Crock, you still have the chance to enjoy flavorful meals with high nutritional value without having to consume too much of you and your time.