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Comcast recently revealed its newest foray in the world of video streaming ? video games streaming! Through a partnership with EA, Comcast will be streaming video games on TV like Fifa and Plants vs Zombies? on TV via a feature called ?XFINITY?Games Powered by EA.?

XFINITY Games Powered by EA will be joining the trend of game streaming services like PlayStation now and NVIDIA Grid. Xfinity Games however will not include a game controller and is banking on the available device which people already have which are smartphones and tablets.

??there?s no new hardware required, there?s no download either on the set-top-box or on the mobile device, it?s instantaneous, as minimal steps to log in as possible, and there?s no physical controllers,? Bryan Witkowski of Comcast told Polygon.

??We are launching our beta [today]? It will include 20 games, most of which, but not all, are from EA,? Electronic Arts VP of Marketing Katrina Strafford told Polygon.

Strafford said the service will not include console games as the games on Xfinity Games are ?made specifically for this platform?. ?So I think that gives us some of that nimbleness to react to what this new audience is finding most interesting,? he added.

?We have relationships with publishers across the industry and it?s absolutely something we?ll explore more as we get feedback from players about what they?re liking, what games are really making sense for them in this medium and we?ll learn and go from there,? Strafford said.

Some of the new games available for the beta launch include the following:

  • Peggle Nights
  • Word Whom Underground
  • World of Goo
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • EA Sports PGA Tour Golf
  • NBA Jam on Fire Edition
  • EA Sports FIFA Soccer 13
  • ?Real Racing 2

Strafford said that an Origin ID will be required per household in order to save your game progress.

The game resolution will vary with some titles putting on-screen a 720p resolution while some will be upscaled. Witkowski assured that it will still look good on a 55 inch flatscreen televisions.

Comcast has still to announce a price scheme for the service but gamers today will be able to enlist?in the beta for free. Bryan Witkowski of Comcast said they will use the feedback in the beta to determine which format best works ?before we finalize any pricing decisions ahead of commercial launch.?

Core gamers who are intent on playing EA Games such as Battlefield and Mass Effect will still need to purchase a real gaming console. If you want to immerse in a true video game experience, buying a game console is still the way to go.

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