Comcast Offers Cable Free TV ?Stream?

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Make your house cable-free as Comcast offers Cable Free TV ?Stream?, a $15-worth monthly service which allows you to watch web-based offerings and a ?dozen networks? including on-demand movie and access to premium cable HBO without the need of a TV.

?Stream? however will not include any other cable networks aside from HBO, a report said, meaning sports hub ESPN will not be available and sports fanatics must content themselves with other broadcast networks such as CBS, Fox, NBC, and PBS. This streaming device from Comcast will also lack AMC which is home to ?The Walking Dead? series.

Subscribers will also be unable to ?Stream? on their televisions. You heard that right. Not available on TV. This means that you will have to say goodbye to your flat screen televisions as you can only utilize ?Stream? on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. You can also only simultaneously stream two devices at a time and stream only in your home. ?Stream? will only be available in the areas where Comcast is the cable provider.

Comcast Cable?s Executive Vice President, Matthew Strauss, said people keen on still using TV can avail of their cable package as this offering is aimed at younger audiences who prefer to watch on computers or mobile devices.

Strauss said they will eventually add more streaming offerings and include packages of children?s sports, lifestyle, and movie programming for an extra of $5 to $10 a month.

Comcast brags that ?Stream? would be hassle free as people can sign up and cancel online and will not require technician visits to enable ?Stream?.

Comcast’s foray into streaming comes as it wishes to stay relevant with the newer generation of viewers

The ‘Stream’ trial?will initially start in Boston at the end of the summer and will be available in Chicago and Seattle. Comcast plans to release it to other areas by early 2016 if they are successful.

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