Com2uS: Sniper Vs. Sniper Release Delayed blame Apple

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sniper_2_appleLooks like the Apple review board had some issues with Sniper Vs. Sniper for the iPhone/iPod Touch and didn’t approve the latest review build from Com2Us.

Andrew Park International Business for Com2Us sent out notice to give us a heads up on the games’ delay.

Com2uS’ upcoming game, Sniper Vs. Sniper, has run into a few issue with the iTunes review process. We will be delaying the release of our game to the 4th week of the month (ie. Oct 19th to 24th) We apologize for any scheduling inconvenience this may have caused and we will keep you up to date with any Com2uS news.

Com2us are one of the better game producers on the iPhone platform. Let’s hope it wasn’t something to serious.


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