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What?s up ya?ll, I have some news for you today coming from Com2Us and Homerun Battle 3D for the Android App Store and will offer cross platform iPhone vs Android online multi-player. It?s always a good thing when you can play a game online with a friend that doesn?t have the same platform that your using, but still get to play online with your friend(s) no matter what gaming platform you choose to play on.

Here?s the scoop:

We at Com2uS are proud to announce our launch of Homerun Battle 3D on the Android Market.

This will be the first of Com2uS games on the Android market and we are currently planning more to come.

Homerun Battle 3D has be praised as the best iPhone sports game of 2009 by multiple websites and plans to continue its service to other smartphone platforms.

With close to 400,000 registered iPhone users for Homerun Battle 3D, we are allowing cross platform online play, which allows users from iPhone to play against users from Android phones.


Complete Announcement Letter:


Homerun Battle 3D slams its way onto the Android Market

January 5, 2010 ? Com2uS, a leading game developing company for the iPhone App Store, has announced the release of Homerun Battle 3D onto the Android Market. The game was released on the Android Market late December 2009 as one of the newest assets to Google?s smart phone content store. For any of you who have yet to try Homerun Battle 3D, it is a visually stunning homerun derby game where players try to hit as many home runs as possible. The game contains four unique modes: Classic, Arcade, Training, and Matchup mode. In Matchup mode, players can challenge their friends and rivals to head-to-head online battle via Wi-Fi or 3G. Intuitively simple tilt and touch controls allow the player to adjust the direction of the contact point and swing the bat, respectively. Although it may seem like a sports heavy game, it has been designed for casual gamers of all ages and genders.

Android players vs. iPhone players
    One of the most interesting features that Homerun Battle 3D has done, which no other Android game has done, is that it is able to link players from different devices. A player running the game off the iPhone can challenge a player who has the game on an Android device. With close to 400,000 registered users on Com2uS? server, there is more than enough competition for new Android players. This new feature removes the restriction of the user?s device and broadens the user?s online enjoyment.

Homerun Battle 3D?s expected success
    Com2uS has seen great success for Homerun Battle 3D on the iPhone/iPod Touch. With months of popularity on the Top Grossing Apps, Homerun Battle 3D has been honored as one of the best iPhone sports games of 2009 by and The game has been seen in Apple?s iPod Touch commercials around the world and is now receiving large amounts of interest from Google, who have planned to promote the game in its Featured section.

Happy Gaming.

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