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Colonel Sanders Vs DC Superheroes Cross Over: New Comic Plot Is ?Weird And Delightful?, Where To Get A Copy

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DC fans should watch out for the cruelest of all comic characters as the EVIL Colonel Sanders comes to the DC Multiverse to wreak havoc and try to pummel the man behind everyone?s favorite fried chicken. KFC and DC Entertainment partners up and makes a free promotional comic that will feature some of the famous DC heroes and our very own Colonel Harland Sanders, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

DC will be giving away ?The Colonel of Two Worlds,? a free comic book that will be given away at this year?s New York Comic Con this weekend, featuring Colonel Harland Sanders, Green Lantern, and the Flash side-by-side battling the forces of evil. Fortunately, for those who will be unable to go to the New York Comic Con, the comic will still be available online.

?The Colonel of Two Worlds? takes its title from the previous classic 1961 story ?The Flash of Two Worlds,? where Barry Allen accidentally travels to a parallel world and meets another Flash. But this time, the comic will show a parallel Colonel Sanders from Earth 3, an alternate Earth from DC where morality is reversed, who?s making a lot of mess and apparently tarnishing the good name of Colonel Sanders, shared by the Hollywood Reporter.

The special issue from Tony Bedard and Tom Derenick, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is surprisingly Colonel?s second comic book created this year. Comic lovers who were able to attend the San Diego Comic Con last July had a chance to check out the Colonel?s original story, which divulged his super power: ?the ability to fry chicken ?The Hard Way.??

Check out a sneak peek of ?The Colonel of Two Worlds? courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter:

KFC cover

Copies of ?The Colonel of Two Worlds? will be available at the New York Comic Con between 11am and 3 pm in New York?s Union Square on Oct. 9, and will be available online through KFC?s website and ComiXology platform on Thursday, Oct. 8, posted by the Hollywood Reporter.

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