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Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart Romance: What Happens To Bughead In Riverdale Season 2? EP Teases KJ Apa’s Archie Pining For Betty

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Cole Sprouse Lili Reinhart Romance

From murder mystery to the family dramas and complicated friendships in Riverdalethere’s just so much to like about The CW’s breakthrough seriesBut one thing’s for sure, most fans are waiting for new Riverdale episodes every week for the love story between Betty and Jughead. While initially paired to Archie, Betty ended up in a new relationship with Jughead and they seemed relatively solid so far.

Let’s not forget that Betty still has some unresolved feelings towards Archie, and there have been indications that the budding musician likes her back like that one scene where as if he was pining for his childhood friend as Betty kissed Jughead. What happens to our beloved Bughead then?

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa spoke to Entertainment Weekly recently about that moment and he revealed that there was indeed more to what we saw on our TV screens.

“There is always going to be some primal connection between Archie and Betty,” he explained.“They grew up together, they live across the street from each other, they were always the person they most confided in. Even if Betty had deeper feelings for Archie and Archie didn’t, she still was his best friend and he still shared everything with her.”

In the last episodes of Riverdale‘s first season, we saw Archie developing feelings toward Betty’s BFF, Veronica. Although he was committed to their relationship the last time we saw him, Aguirre-Sacasa hinted the character may not be truly happy about it.

Conflicted Archie To Pine For Betty?

“Part of what’s going on in that scene is Archie is realizing that he’s been replaced by Jughead,” he said. This is the same notion he told the outlet earlier in the season that there’s a part of Archie that “kind of always thought, rightly or wrongly, that he was meant to be with Betty, or she was meant to be with him.” It looks like such will still be the case on Season 2.

Will Archie dump Veronica to pursue Betty then? That’s something we’ll have to find out next season.

Cole Sprouse Lili Reinhart RomanceThe CW

Cole Sprouse Lili Reinhart Romance: Archie may dump Veronica and pine for Betty on Riverdale Season 2.

Considering that the Betty-Archie-Veronica love triangle has been the backbone of the Archie Comics for years, it’s inevitable to mull over the idea of Archie and Betty as a couple. As what Camila Mendes said, it may not be the primary focus, but the love quadrangle “will always be there and it will always be something [they] play at.”

Bughead on Riverdale Season 2

Whether or not Archie interferes, next season won’t still be smooth sailing for Bughead. As reported previously, Sprouse and Reinhart teased their character’s conflicting personalities could be an issue.

“Bughead has been through a lot of trauma [in] Season 1 and will experience more in Season 2. It’s not smooth sailing—we get darker and weirder in Season 2,”  Sprouse told Bustle“They’re balancing their personalities off each other, which is so apparently contrasting, and I think they’re obviously going to have realistic bumps in the road.”

Cole Sprouse Lili Reinhart RomanceThe CW

Cole Sprouse Lili Reinhart Romance: Is Bughead no more in Season 2?

Riverdale has already been renewed for Season 2. The CW has not given an exact return date yet but Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 should premiere sometime in 2018. All major cast members are expected to reprise their roles, except for Ross Butler who played Reggie Mantle. Due to conflicting schedules, the actor officially departed from the show to be replaced by Charles Melton.

What do you think will happen to Bughead in Riverdale Season 2? Share your Bughead love in the comments section below!

Missed the show’s season finale? You can stream it now on Netflix, alongside Riverdale‘s earlier episodes.

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