Coldplay Asia Tour 2017: Tickets to Manila Concert Exaggeratedly High; Nationwide Kidney Selling Imminent

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Coldplay Asia Tour 2017
Coldplay Asia Tour 2017

Coldplay is hitting a number of countries in Asia with the phenomenal Coldplay Asia Tour 2017. They?re set to arrive in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, and the Philippines. With the latest news of one of the best selling bands in recent years coming to these countries, many fans all over Asia are overjoyed.

Too bad the euphoria was short lived for one country. The Philippines.

An Organ Or Two

Hundreds of fans in the Philippines were outraged when the prices for Colplay?s Manila concert was revealed by concert promoter, MMI LIVE. The prices are below:

VIP – P22,500 (AUD611)

Platinum – 17,500 (AUD472)

Gold – 12,500 (AUD339)

Silver – 7,500 (AUD203)

Bronze – 3,500 (AUD95)

Gen Ad – 1,800 (AUD49)

P22,500 (AUD611) for VIP! That?s more than a month?s worth of salary for most salary men in this country still busy tackling both poverty and drugs. It?s no surprise why so many fans were outraged with the prices.

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Now before you start getting ready to sell your blood and a few organs to cover the ticket?s cost, we have a better alternative for you. A sharp Facebook user had compared the prices of Coldplay?s concert in Manila to the one they?re having in Singapore and gave us all a breakdown of what you can spend your hard on money on.


Singapore > Philippines

Facebook User Mariah Sanchez compared the trade offs between seeing Coldplay at Singapore and the Philippines. First off, the tickets in the Philippines are between twice to thrice as much compared to the Singapore?s rates.

VIP tickets are only P10,132 (AUD275) in Singapore. While Standing tickets (equivalent to Silver in the Philippines) is P4,352 (AUD118). That?s almost three times the price! ?

To make matters worse, Sanchez even broke down that if you were to go to Singapore from the Philippines to watch with VIP tickets, you could even save at least P3,848 after paying for the ticket, air fare, food and transport cost, plus lodging!

COLDPLAY 2017 🇸🇬 🇵🇭 Just to show you how crazy expensive concert tickets are in MNL. HAHA.Mas mura talaga dito sa…

Posted by Mariah Sanchez on Monday, November 14, 2016

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Alternative Ways to Buy Tickets

A recent meme from Facebook Group Boiling Waters also released different ways on how to afford each ticket to the upcoming concert. There?s the practical, forget your Starbucks fix until March 2017, to just sell your kidney for a gold ticket. There?s also an option of forgoing a semester in school, to reporting a Most Wanted Criminal to the Philippine National Police. The group has accurately provided a snippet of the lengths that an average Filipino concertgoer will have to do to be able to watch the Coldplay concert.

The Manila concert tickets will be going on sale on November 24 at 10 am. But after reading this article, you probably have your eyes set on Singapore now.

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