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Cola launches messaging app

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It happens a number of times that we just want to crop the edges and get straight to the point. This is exactly what the association of Cola plans to do. The messaging service publicly launched its iOS app this week right after the announcement of a private beta in November.

The app allows its users to move conversations along without getting stuck in between, which is based on the concept of “Cola Bubbles” interactive polls with specific options. Instead of arguing over when to meet “Are you free Tuesday?” “No, how about Wednesday?” “Friday would work better for me” you can just send a Bubble with the time that you are available. The recipient can then select the date and time manually that is convenient the most for them. Running late? Don’t waste more time by typing a message; just share your location for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

According to PC Mag, another version of 1.0 Cola Bubbles include a quick election for voting and making group decisions and a to-do list for creating checklists and assigning tasks. As per the source the iOS app description says, “One interactive Cola Bubble does the job of 10, 20, or more text messages.? ?Cola Bubbles make everything easier such as scheduling, making decisions, and coordinating tasks.”

The iPhone-only app can SMS to register your account, so as the company says, “If you can text then you already know how to use Cola.” However, users have to have a US phone number to register. As soon as it gets connected, it instantly starts coordinating and chatting with friends, family and co-workers via text even if they do not have Cola installed on their device.

As per report by TechCrunch, Cola CEO David Temkin told that most people are already using innumerable messaging services for different causes, contexts, and contacts. “Messaging apps are never done,” he said. “They are the core function of these devices. They will never stop evolving.” Temkin also told TechCrunch that these initial features are just the commencement. He is very much looking forward to open the platform to third-party developers and finally release a public SDK. Cola’s SDK will be available in late Spring of this year.

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