Code Vein Characters Detailed By Bandai Namco

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Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming action role playing game, Code Vein is turning a few heads as the title is looking rather promising. The game is expected to launch sometime next year and the developer is beginning to give us a closer look at the game. The most recent reveal for the game showcases the characters for the upcoming title.

Segment Next report that Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed new details about the characters for Code Vein. The open world post apocalyptic dystopian title is going to be lead Mia Karnstein and  Yakumo Shinonome, both of which are going to be the on spotlight in the game.

Mia Karnstein

This isn’t the first time we are seeing Mia Karnstein. She’s been one of the more prominent figures in the game’s trailers and gameplay footage so fans have a small idea of who Karnstein really is. Karnstein is the female Revenant who will accompany players in the world of Vein.

Gameplay footage of Code Vein reveals that Karnstein is going to be a ranged character. She’s going to focus on weapons that deal damage from afar but she can also get up close and personal with her bayonet. As for her special power or her Blood Veil in the game is Stinger, which is a long tail that can damage enemies.

Yakumo Shinonome

The second highlighted character is Yakumo Shinonome. The character’s background is that he’s a former mercenary. Despite his line of work, Shinonome has a soft heart and a strong sense of duty and devotion.

Shinonome is going to be a melee fighter in the game. He’s going to be wielding a giant sword, which deal more damage as compared to Karnstein’s weaponry. His Blood Veil is called Hounds which transforms a part of Shinonome’s jacket into a head of a wolf that can attack enemies that get too close.

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