Code Geass Season 3 2017 Plot, Trailer: Promo Video Confirms Lelouch’s Resurrection

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People can?t stop talking about the endless possibilities when it comes to Code Geass season 3 2017 plot. It is widely speculated that the upcoming installment will center on Lelouch Lamperouge?s resurrection. Moreover, the brand new season will showcase more threats with the arrival of an unknown villain.

According to YouTube user named NextLevelNoobs, Lelouch gained immortal life when he obtained the power of the code. The code is just like the one that belongs to his father Charles, V.V. and C.C.

Several rumors are indeed making rounds regarding the return of Lelouch. Talk is rampant that he is indeed alive and wouldn?t be some clone or alternate version of himself. C.C.’s speech at the end of season 2 appeared as if it was being addressed to Lelouch.

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A fragment of Lelouch appeared before Code Geass season 2 ended. This has sparked speculations that he shall return. A staff member from the anime supposedly confirmed that the character is not dead.

Code Geass Season 3 2017 Trailer

Trailer for Code Geass season 3 2017 has landed and it stressed the return of Lelouch. The climax of the promotional video comes at the very end. It shows Lelouch?s eye and that is too impossible to ignore. Watch the trailer here.

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Possible title for Code Geass season 3 is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection. It is said to be a sequel to the Zero Requiem storyline.

It was made to appear that Lelouch died in Code Geass season 2. The protagonist managed to prevent Charles zi Britannia from taking full control of the empire. Our beloved Lelouch has used his death to make peace amongst the world?s superpowers.

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