Coca-Cola Bribing Scientists To Say Soda Not Causing Obesity? The Truth Finally Revealed!

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Coca-Cola bribing scientists

For the longest time, health movement Global Energy Balance Network, has been promoting the idea that with a balanced lifestyle complemented by lots of exercise, one would be able to enjoy favorite beverages like soda without worry of health issues like obesity.

Soda, with all its sugar content, has long been regarded as the root cause of this generation?s obesity scare, and a suggestion of exercise to counter the problem is actually a pretty sound idea.

But here?s the catch: It has just been revealed that one of the major stockholders of GEBN is actually Coca-Cola, and the soda company plays a big role in both funding and logistics of the group!

Coca-Cola Bribing Scientists?

According to Independent UK, it seems like Coca-Cola is doing all that it can to take attention away from them when it comes to the topic of obesity. In fact,?records have been uncovered showing that GEBN’s website is registered to and administrated by Coca-Cola. The GEBN’s President, James O Hill, also said that the website was registered under Coca-Cola’s name because the group’s members ?did not know how to do it?, and asserted that the group is independent from the company.

Information on the group’s website says that the ‘energy balance’ theory “recognizes that good health involves both diet and physical activity and can serve as a platform to help transform human civilization to achieve optimal health through sustainable solutions that also drive economic prosperity.”

According to the New York Times where the first story came out, two universities that employ some of the GEBN’s leaders disclosed that Coca Cola had donated $1.5 million in 2014 to the group.

And since 2008, Coke has given almost $4 million to two of the GEBN’s founding members for various projects.

These controversy is pretty damning for the soda giant specially at this time when healthy alternatives from sugary drinks are being seriously promoted. Most health groups lobby that sodas and artificial sugary drinks contain dangerous amounts of sugar with little to no nutritional value, thus raising obesity concerns.

Obesity leads to complications such as hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, certain types of cancer, and even asthma.

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