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C’mon Baby, Let’s Do the TWITCH

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Now what exactly is TWITCH? It is a sudden jerking or convulsive movement. That is the accurate definition of TWITCH but not entirely what I have in mind. It is a gameplay which tests your reflexes and coordination. Few games in the past, including the present, have the element of TWITCH.

Games like Pac-man and Tetris also has the element. Where in Pac-man you dodge the ghosts that are trying to eat you, while you eat those yellow dots, but, when you chow down those big dots, that is the only chance where you get to eat those ghosts that are chasing you. Be careful though, your time is limited in this state, so feast away when you get the chance.

Tetris on the other hand, ?may not feel “it” at the beginning, but as the game proceeds and blocks piles up, that is when you start panicking and feel the rush of the game.

Other gameplay has also adapted the element of twitch. Did you know that action games like first-person shooters also use the same aspect? Yes, games such as Quake, Half-Life and counter-strike also have this element. It requires a quick reaction time from the ?players in order to win a round or proceed to the next level.

I for one love that feeling when you are in a tight spot and suddenly, your reflexes takes control of your body without you even knowing it. Where in, for example, at Half-Life, monsters are chasing you and the only weapon you got left is a crowbar or maybe a few bullets left in your handgun that are probably not enough to kill those monsters.

Real-time strategy games were also introduced with this aspect. Games like Command and Conquer and battle realms are also included. In battle realms, you need to place your buildings and defense towers strategically to prevent enemies from destroying your base. While in some cases, a squad from the opposing team will attack you while you are still in the process of farming resources and/ or training more troops for defensive and offensive purposes. That is when you start to panic and your reflexes kicks in.

Majority of gamers have good eye and hand coordination, thus giving them the upper hand against A.I. or other inexperienced players.


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