CM Storm Resonar: New Gaming In-Ear Earphones Released in Europe

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Cooler Master, a leading innovator and manufacturer of desktop and thermal solutions based in Taipei, announced yesterday that they have released the latest in their line of elite gaming gear products. The new CM Storm Resonar is the first gaming in-ear earphones with patented Bass FX technology.

Resonar boasts to have crystal clear sound and powerful bass, which features exclusive 8mm drivers with patented Bass FX technology providing solid and crisp sound especially when playing games.

The Bass FX technology is achieved by adjusting the magnet position inside each ear bud so no gimmicky software is required to achieve this result. This means hassle-free use as you don?t have to worry installing drivers in order to achieve high-quality sound. In other words, the new CM Storm Resonar is an easy plug-and-play earphone that can be used for gaming even without software. This is especially beneficial for pro-gamers who want to avoid the hassle of installing software for their gaming gears when they attend tournaments.resonar-news-2

The earphone is especially made for gaming environments. The Resonar has an inline microphone with a sensor that records audio without background noise. An inline control panel is also available to be able to conveniently switch between gaming and phone calls. Additionally, the tangle-free flat cables are helpful for easy keeping.

The earphones also come with a set of accessories, including a gold plated audio/microphone splitter to ensure compatibility with other computer and mobile devices. A hard carrying pouch in which you can store the earphones is also included.

The CM Storm Resonar will only be available in the European region for ?39.90. Expect the top-line gaming earphones to be available in other regions soon.

CM Storm is Cooler Master?s sub-brand that focuses on producing gaming peripherals. They are also known for sponsoring teams and major gaming events throughout the world.

Image Source: Cooler Master Official Site

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