This CLIQ portable camping chair ensures you enjoy the outdoors with the utmost comfort

You can take it everywhere!

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Make adventures more exciting and comfortable with CLIQ:

  • Lightweight, sturdy, waterproof, and weatherproof portable chair
  • Easy to set up and convenient to bring anywhere 
  • Provide comfort and stability even in high and dusty places

Outdoor activities and adventures can be both fun and tiring at the same time. If you’ve ever found yourself worn out from the day’s activities, you might have wished you had a comfortable chair to sit on when it’s time to eat or when you just want to rest for a while.

However, bringing a chair can be a struggle since chairs are usually heavy and bulky. Fortunately, CLIQ has a solution for that – its bottle-sized Portable Camping Chair! 

The CLIQ portable camping chair is a lightweight, sturdy, waterproof, and weatherproof chair that quickly unfolds and sets up from the size of a water bottle. Just push the button on the top, extend the arms of the chair, then sit and chill. You can bring it with you when you go camping, fishing, skiing, or any other outdoor activities without any hassle. At only 3.65 lbs, you can easily carry six chairs in one bag for your whole family or squad!

The CLIQ portable camping chair offers stable seating at 10 inches off the ground and can support up to 300 lbs. It also features a contoured design, telescoping arms, and a flexible and comfortable one-button mechanism. The four-legged and tip-proof design keeps you high and dry in sand, mud, and dirt. 

The CLIQ Portable Camping Chair is safe and stable enough for camping, barbecues on the beach, and even in your backyard. It is also designed by a professional engineering team using premium materials that have been extensively tested to ensure excellent performance in all conditions.

CLIQ offers two, four, and six chair bundles, all of which come with a free bag!