Cliff Bleszinski Reveals BlueStreak

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With the recent development about the establishment of Cliff Bleszinksi?s Boss Key Productions Studio, He is finally opening its doors with a new game that he has been working on after coming out of retirement.

Bleszinski just revelead BlueStreak; a Free2Play Sci-Fi arena shooter developed by BossKey that will be published by Nexon Games.

BossKey team will be collaborating with a Tokyo-based company, Nexon. Nexon is widely known for their Free2Play online games, and that is where BlueStreak will set its roots. In a post via Twitter, Bleszinski revealed BlueStreak along with its team-up with Nexon. However, he did not mention any specific features or gameplay that BlueStreak has.

While all of the features of the game remain a mystery to all of us, Bleszinski made his point by telling gamers that there will be no?CG trailer showing fake gameplay for the game. He said that it is not how BossKey does things.

Bleszinski has been known for his work at EPIC games for more than 20 years. He is also the mind behind Unreal Tournament, Gears of War, Jazz Jackrabbit, and now, the CEO and founder of ?BossKey Productions.

While he is working on the specifics of the game, he did state his opinion about Oculus Rift that is going to be of use for BlueSteak. In a comment to a post on reddit, he said:

?It’s so cool that last night I dreamt I had it on and was in some sweet VR simulation and when I awoke I realized it was just the sensation of my sleep mask on my face that made me have that dream.

It was some Inception level shit.?

He also admitted that they have not been to any production nor shipping of Free2Play games. That is where Nexon comes along.

?I’ve never shipped a Free to Play game before. That?s one of the MANY reasons why we’re going with Nexon, they can provide server structures and a global peek into gamers of all types and guide us into a game that’s more “Shut up and take my money” as opposed to “shaking you down for your hard earned cash.” He added.




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