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Clean your floors and carpets without having to leave the couch using this app-controlled vacuum robot

It automatically recharges on its own, making your life more convenient

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It’s not every day that we have the energy to clean up some mess and shine the floors. Nine out of ten times, after getting home from work, sleep is all we got. The next day, we wake up frustrated about a messy house.

If you’re one of the people experiencing this, let me share one device that’ll help you and keep you free from a daily house chore – Rove G2800 Gyroscope Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

Brooms and plastic sweepers are out. With the Rove G2800 Gyroscope Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner, not only can you clean your floors, but you also get to do it effortlessly. This cleaning device is one of the new emerging devices in the market because it allows you to clean your floors using a smartphone application only.

How does it work?

First, you have to install its controlling application. Next, connect your phone to the robot. From there, you’ll have all the time to calibrate all its functions. Like other vacuum robots, G2800 will roam around your living room, bedrooms, or any corner of your house and capture dirt off them. What’s even better is you can control it using the Alexa voice command.

What more benefits can I get from it?

  • High-quality brushless motor
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Spot cleaning
  • Wall recognition
  • No-go zones

Does it last long?

Absolutely! This device recharges on its own through its dock, making it productive during idle times. With that, you also get an added convenience by not having to search for power sources or plug anything every time.

$229.99 $269.99

Get it here!