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Classic Games That Came Back Strong – Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider

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Most of the time, terrible games hurt a franchise or even a worse possible future outcome. Every time a series dies, like Suikoden, Legacy of Kain and plenty more, it’s sadly almost gone forever.

But at the end of the day, there is always hope. Every now and then, marketing campaigns or a proficient development team always comes up with a tremendous and almost impossible thing and that is bringing the old and the classic game franchise back.

Below are some examples of game franchises that have fallen, but somehow gained a “1 Up” and came back strong.

Mortal Kombat

Since its early arcade days, Mortal Kombat has been dominant of the versus fighting game genre. But as the years go by, quality Mortal Kombat games became rare until developers of the franchise decided to take a backseat to the more polished games of the 21st century.

But in 2011, Nether Realm Studios brought Liu Kang, Sub Zero, Johnny Cage and the rest of the gang back from the dead, in a swirl of blood and fatalities. The game’s come back did not just pay honor to the franchise’s glory days — it definitely brought them back better than ever.

Tomb Raider

After the breakout trilogy on the original PlayStation, the quick downfall of the series began. By 2003 developer Core released the Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness with dozens of bugs, poor controls and a very confusing storyline. The game?s gameplay elements and narrative focus were sacrificed to quickly make up for the disappointing release schedule.? No wonder Lara Croft slid downhill.

Then in 2006, Crystal Dynamics took over and released Tomb Raider: Legends and it kicked off various exceptional games, putting the franchise back on track, all leading up to an utterly awesome, emotional and fantastic 2013 reboot. It reminded us of the iconic Lara Croft and helped us remember why we loved the series way back.

Call of Duty

Before it became one of the most renowned first-person shooter games, just like any other World War 2 games had before, Call of Duty was still storming the same French beaches. After countless expansions and the “Grade E” Call of Duty 3 got, it seemed like the franchise reached its inevitable end.

To introduce a new concept, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released 2010. It proved that the game could translate into a modern setting and in addition, it also gave rise to a new era of shooters with strong narratives full of noticeable moments.

To sum it all up, video game franchises can actually get back on track, given that developers and publishers take important things like ?innovation? into consideration. There?s no wonder why the term ?Next-Gen? is coined.


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