Classic Arcade Game Space Invaders To Be Treated With Movie Adaptation, Akiva Goldsman Set To Produce It

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Space Invaders movie version reportedly in the works

Space Invaders movie version reportedly in the works

Right on the heels of The Lego Movie?s commercial success, Warner Bros. Pictures has secured the intellectual property rights to Space Invaders, the classic 1978 arcade game. This move is widely seen as a preparation for an impending film adaptation.

Space Invaders, developed by Tomohiro Nishikado, is an arcade video game first released in 1978 by Taito Corporation in Japan. It was later licensed for U.S. distribution by Midway Games. The arcade classic is one of the earliest shooting games with the goal of eliminating alien attacks by using laser cannons.

Now that Warner Bros. has turned the colorful Lego Movie into a $ 467 million worldwide blockbuster, it is probably hoping to duplicate the feat by allegedly working on a Space Invaders film. Aside from the acquisition of rights, Akiva Goldsman is also said to have signed up as the film?s producer, according to The Wrap.

Akiva Goldsman, an Oscar-winning screenwriter, is credited for movies such as I Am Legend, Lone Survivor, the Paranormal Activity films, along with the TV show Fringe. One of his most recent projects is Winter?s Tale, also for Warner Bros.

The major film studio bought Midway Games back in 2009. However, Midway does not have the theatrical rights for Space Invaders so the company later acquired the said rights to proceed with movie development. It was previously reported that a Space Invaders film was slated for a 2012 launch but the plan was apparently shelved at the time.

Space Invaders also serves as an inspiration for ?Pixels? the upcoming movie starring Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage. It will similarly feature an alien invasion literally caused by classic arcade games.

Even though the Space Invaders game does not have much narrative to constitute a full-length movie, Warner may have the chance to pull it off ? if plastic bricks can do it, why not aliens, right? Perhaps it’s possible, but we still can’t forget the Hollywood megaflop “Battleship. ”

If you?re wondering how Space Invaders looked back in the 70s, watch this:


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