Classic Arcade Game Q*bert To Be Reincarnated As A PC Game With Two New Modes: Q*bert Classic and Q*bert Rebooted

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Q*bert to be revived as a PC game via the Steam platform, Android and iOS versions soon to follow

In collaboration with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, developer Galaxy Pest Control announced that they are bringing back the classic arcade game ?Q*bert? to PCs via the Steam platform. They further mentioned that mobile versions for the iOS and Android are soon to follow. The Steam version will be out on July 8 for $ 4.99.

Q*bert, originally released in 1982 by Gottlieb, is a game with a combination of puzzle and isometric platform elements where players control the titular character. Each game starts by having Q*bert land on every piece of the isometric pyramid of cubes, thereby changing its color. Starting from the top, the goal of the game is to have Q*bert change the color of all the cubes according to the target color; doing this will grant him access to the next level.

The game?s PC variant will be composed of two modes namely Q*bert Classic and Q*bert Rebooted. The former is expected to look like its original, pixelated version optimized for a mouse-and-keyboard control. The latter intends to utilize 3D graphics and will feature new levels, characters, and enemies.

The all-new Q*bert is co-developed by Sideline Amusements and Gozo Games. Sideline is also a subsidiary of Galaxy Pest Control. Sony Pictures Entertainment owns the rights to distribute Q*Bert; its Vice President for Consumer Products, Worldwide Marketing & Distribution, Mark Caplan said, ?With renewed interest in Q*bert, in part due to the cameo in the recent Wreck It Ralph animated feature film, we are delighted to re-introduce the game and characters to current fans as well as a new generation of gamers who are experiencing Q*bert for the first time.?

Here are the highlights of the new Q*bert Rebooted mode:

  • Level Select ? replay all previously unlocked levels and track progress against friends
  • 7 New Playable Characters ? introducing Q*zard, Q*bertha, Q*bot, Q*zilla, Q*tee, Q*knight and Q*nicorn, all based on the original Q*bert form
  • 3 New Enemies ? the classic cast of adversaries are joined by new enemies Homer, Uppercut and Treasure Chest
  • 10 Achievements ? These include Classic Master (2D Q*bert), Newbert (3D Q*bert), Qbertorama (Q*zard), Snake Surprise (3D Coily), Green Machine (2D Green Ball), Ugg! (2D Ugg), Extra Help (Sheild), Down for the Count (Q*bert Dazed), Disc Rider (2D Disc) and Coin-Op Collector (3D Diamonds).


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