Class Craft: Uses RPG Game Elements For Its Education System?

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Class Craft
Class Craft

School is sometimes boring for most students. Actually, we take that back, MOST of the time, it is boring for a lot of students, depending on many factors like the timeslot, the topic, the teachers and the mood of the overall class. Many educational establishments already tried several ?gimmicks? to deal with this matter, but there is one that stands out. Behold Class Craft, the gamification of your classroom that makes learning an ?adventure?.

Class Craft has been spreading, with already 25 countries aware of its existence, the RPG-based program for schools is already planning to be a part premium, part free curriculum. More or less 7,000 kids in 25 nations are grinding to level up their mages, warriors and healers. This sounds exactly like an rpg setup, but this isn?t entirely just like that. This is Class Craft?s educational system, wherein you have the ability to buff yourself to be able to come up later in class, extend exam durations, and even verify with the teacher if the answer you are going to gun for, is correct. Just like any other RPG game, Class Craft lets you level up your avatars by gaining XP (Experience), and you gain it by doing ?good? in class.

Class Craft does a lot of benefits to students who are struggling with their grades. In a kid?s point of view, what is not to like about this system right? This makes the learning process a whole lot more fun and immersive (which sounds like a ?game? in every sense). ?You also get ?hurt? and lose HP with bad behavior in school, which can lead to your character?s ?death? or damaging the entire group (so this means good teamwork is a must).

While Class Craft has its benefits, it is not without some downsides. Just like a normal modern-day rpg game, Class Craft follows the same suit by being a ?free-to-play game?, which will eventually go freemium, meaning, it will have some premium items, which will surely contradict most educational system’s strict budgets.

Another bad thing (for parents and teachers, not for students), is that some of the perks can be abused. One ability lets a student leave class for 2 minutes. This skill can be stacked up to lengthen the duration of up to 10 minutes.

We are not entirely sure if everybody would buy such an idea, but it has both pros and cons. It?s only sad that these days, you really can?t find genuine ?fun? and ?love? with education.

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