Clash Royale Update: How To Use Goblin Gang, Blowdart Goblin, Axe Man, And Battle Ram Properly

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Clash Royale Blowdart Goblin
Clash Royale

Supercell?s Clash Royale is set to get an update featuring a few new cards and an arena. The new cards will be changing how players plan out their attacks and defenses as they are pretty neat cards to have on the deck. Luckily, the recent leak of the game reveals the stats of the cards and their mechanics. Here are the best uses for the new cards in the Clash Royale update.

Goblin Gang

When deployed, the Goblin Gang will spawn three Goblins and three Spear Goblins. They can easily take out a Crown Tower as the units deal a significant amount of damage collectively. They?re also a pretty speedy unit that can dispatch a Giant. However, the Goblin Gang can be wiped out with a Fireball or a high-level Arrow. Before using the Goblin Gang, it?s best to ensure that the opponent doesn?t have a Clash Royale AoE spell.

Blowdart Goblin

The Blowdart Goblin is a very speedy unit that can deal a huge amount of damage. The unit also has a very high attack speed. However, the Blowdart Goblin has low HP. It?s best to deploy the troop behind a tank or other troops.

Axe Man

The Axe Man can deal heavy damage from a distance. What?s good about the Axe Man is its projectile will deal damage to any unit that gets in the way of the Crown Tower. To maximize the use of the Axe Man, it?s best to use it when the opponent has a ton of units defending the Crown Tower.

Battle Ram

This is definitely the best new card out of all those included in the upcoming Clash Royale update. Like the Prince, the Battle Ram will need a few seconds before it can deal maximum damage. The best thing about the Battle Ram is that once the ram itself is destroyed, there are four Barbarian units that will replace it. To get the most out of the card, it?s best to clear out the enemy units first.

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