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Clash Royale Update: Top 3 Things That Supercell Needs To Fix ASAP

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Clash Royale Update

The recent update to Clash Royale paved the way for a lot of new content?in the game. However, aside from the new cards and features, the update also brought along a few issues with it. Players are hoping that Supercell will hear out their concerns about the current version of the game. With enough push, we?re sure that these issues will get solved in the next Clash Royale update.

Challenge Mode Mismatch

A ton of players are complaining about the matchmaking in the new mode introduced in Clash Royale. Players with low cards who perform will in the new game mode are getting pitted against really strong?players. Progressive difficulty in games isn?t new, but the thing is, players are being pitted against others they have no chance in beating. Unless Supercell addresses this issue in a Clash Royale update, the new mode might attract the top players only.

Hackers and Cheaters

Clash Royale isn?t safe from hacking and cheating. Up until now, players can get matched?against others who are obviously cheating. The cheats range from infinite elixir to multiple units of a card in one deck. Players with the infinite elixir cheat can basically win any battle as they only need to spam cards. Multiple units of card, on the other hand, is also unfair as players can spam several of one type. This can be done legally through the use of Mirror, but it?s obvious that some players are carrying more than one of a specific card.


The latest Clash Royale update added a few nerfs to some cards. However, the changes made some of the cards a bit too powerful. Rage, for example, now costs only 2 elixir. Players can easily spam this item. Supercell should take a look at their cards again to see which requires the needed nerf.

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