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Clash Royale Update: How Supercell Can Improve The Game

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Clash Royale Update

Supercell will soon release a Clash Royale update, this time with new improvements and features. The game has been entertaining fans with its competitive nature, especially after the tournaments was introduced. But now that everyone is expecting some changes and improvements in the gameplay, here are the ways suggested by fans through which Supercell can improve the experience in the mobile game.

Some fans suggested that the game should introduce placement matches to determine which skill level players start in. This isn?t viable for Clash of Clans as the game relies heavily on how strong the tools players have in their disposal, but the collectible card game implement this feature. Fans demand that with the new Clash Royale update, Supercell implements this feature to determine what arena players start in.

Another change fans expect from Supercell is the removal of the ability to switch between arenas. Players should not be allowed to go back to the lower arena until the session ends. This change needs to be implemented in Arenas 1 to 8. For Arena 9, fans suggest that those who stop playing the game should be forced to lose trophies until they start playing again.

There should also be criteria in determining the ranking of the top 200 players in Arena 9. Fans want this to be done by simply looking at a certain number of matches played by the user. To make the gameplay fairer, both the high level and low level players should get equal amount of trophies if a match results in a draw. Compensation for lower level players in this case would be an added advantage that they can possibly ?get in the next Clash Royale update.

Changes in matchmaking are also demanded. Fans on Reddit suggest that matchmaking should not take place among the players in the same clan. The game should also allow players to fight if the clans are not in the same region.

Supercell has not revealed Clash Royale update details in depth, but the company has highlighted some big changes and adjustments planned for the tournaments.

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