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Clash Royale Update: New Legendary And Rare Cards Leaked!

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Clash Royale Blowdart Goblin
Clash Royale

A big update recently dropped for Clash Royale, and there?s a lot of new things to tinker with the game. Aside from a new mode and a few rebalances to the game, Supercell also added several new cards. One of the new cards is now available, but the other ones are coming within the following weeks. A few players have managed to leak the upcoming cards, and here are the new and upcoming ones after the Clash Royal update.

Inferno Dragon

This is a Legendary Troop that is similar to the Epic Baby Dragon card as it is a durable flying unit. Its attack is pretty similar to the Inferno Tower as the damage the Inferno Dragon deals will increase over time. It deals a damage which ranges from 30 to 350, but this is the Inferno Dragon at its lowest level.


Like the Tombstone Rare card, Graveyard will unleash a group of Skeletons for the enemy. The key difference is that Graveyard can be used anywhere in the map. Also, Graveyard won?t spawn Skeletons for a set time. There will only be a few Skeletons, but they will be at a pretty high level upon release.

Ice Golem

The Ice Golem is a Rare card that can pretty much ruin the game plans for players. The Ice Golem doesn?t hold much damage and HP as the Rare Golem, but it does affect enemies even after death. Upon dying, the Ice Golem will damage and slow down any nearby enemies.

When Will The Cards Launch?

The new cards will launch every two weeks, thanks to the new Clash Royale update. The new card available now is the Mega Minion. Fans can expect the set of new cards to drop during a Tuesday since that?s when the Mega Minion launched. The update also fixed a few things in the game and players aren?t reporting any bugs for now.

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