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Clash Royale Update: New Leak Shows New Cards In Action

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Clash Royale Blowdart Goblin
Clash Royale

A recent leak shows the upcoming cards in the next Clash Royale update. There are three new cards to expect: Inferno Dragon, Graveyard and Ice Golem. We know just how the cards work in battle, but a new leak reveals how much havoc these cards can cause. The video also prepares us for new strategies on how to use these new cards or defend against them when they launch.

Inferno Dragon

The Inferno Dragon is basically a moving Inferno Tower. It?s a durable Troop type card that can cause great damage when not taken care of quickly. When using the card, it?s best to bring along other units like a Giant or Barbarians to catch any incoming damage. The Inferno Dragon has a smaller range than the Inferno Tower, so it?s better to use it with caution.


The Graveyard can be spawned in any part of the map. Once used, Skeletons will spawn continuously in a small radius. Using it is basically like using any spell card. The Skeletons are relatively weak, so the Graveyard is best used as a defensive card rather than an offensive one.

Ice Golem

Unlike the regular Golem, the Ice Golem doesn?t spawn any other units upon death. However, it can slow down all enemies nearby if ever it dies in battle. This could jumble up the game plan of any player on the offensive as those on the defense can easily destroy any slowed down troops with a Fireball or Rocket.

These upcoming cards will launch every two weeks through a Clash Royale update. The Mega Minion was made available just recently. After two weeks, the next card launching is the Inferno Dragon. After that, we?ve yet to know what card will launch next. While waiting for the next cards, see the video below to check them out in action.

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